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Cobralans 18

2nd Lan for 2016 at the Lilydale hall

Cobralans 17

After a long break with no lans, we organised a Lan Party in April 2016 in Lilydale.

Cobralans 16

Cobralans 15

Cobralans 14

Back to the Mooroolbark Scout Hall for a smaller event in March 2013

Cobralans 13

Lan Party at the Mt Evelyn Hall

Cobralans 12

Cobralans 11

Cobralans 10

Cobralans 9

Cobralans 8

April 2009 event

Cobralans 7

Second event at the Kilsyth Hall known as 'the hot one' where temperatures soared in the january hot weather

Cobralans 6

Big Jump up from the little scout hall to the big local council hall in Sep 08

Cobralans 5

July of 2008 we ran the 5th lan at the scout hall

Cobralans 4

Lan 4 had a couple more table rows and a admin row and we had in intranet site up & running

Cobralans 3

Linksys as a sponsor and Red Bull Wiings team dropped in with free drinks

Cobralans 2

The second event at the scout, few more people in December 2007

Cobralans 1

The first lan at the Mooroolbark Scout Hall in October 2007

House Lan 2

The second lan party under the house, this time with a few more people

House Lan 1

The beginning of Cobralans back in September 2006 under my parents house

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