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Lots of fun on the weekend at cobralans 18! Our second LAN for 2016 was held at the Lilydale hall.

24 people came along to play a range of games, including: Chivalry, Call of Duty 1 & 4, Battlefield 3 and BC2 Vietnam, Flatout 2, Left 4 Dead 2, GTAIV and of course Rainbow Six Siege. The main tournament was a six siege 3v3 double elimination with Grove Street claiming first place!

We had Redbull drop in on Saturday afternoon supplying the gamers with energy drinks for the night.

A big thank you to Lanslide’s Craig Mattson and Zach Moore for supplying the switches, power and Ethernet cables, helping set up the hall and supplying us with Internet access for the event :)

Check out the event photo gallery here: Cobralans 18 Gallery

Join our FB group to get notifications and join in the discussions: Cobralans FB Group

Hope everyone had a great time, let me know any feedback on what was great or ideas for improvement.

– Richard Wilton


Name of Event: Cobralans #18
Date & Time: Midday Saturday 17th September till 10:00 am Sunday 18th April 2016
Venue: Lilydale Senior Citizens Centre 7 Hardy Street, Lilydale


No. First Name Last Name
1 Aaron Gardiner
2 Adam Ashtamkar
3 Adir Erulkar
4 Angela Haines
5 Craig Peach
6 Damien Wilton
7 Daniel Morgan
8 Harley Sheldrick
9 Jamie Caradonna
10 Kyle Gay
11 Leon Handscomb
12 Matthew Cognetta
13 Michael Wells
14 Narika Handscomb
15 Rayner Rindy
16 Richard Wilton
17 Robert Haines
18 Stuart Wilton
19 Thomas Frame
20 Tom Brown
21 Travis Handscomb
22 Travis Vuraic
23 Trent Stanton
24 Vlad Candindatu

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