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Thanks for coming to the lan party! I hope you had as good a time as I did!

It was great to get the lans back up and running after such a long break (the last one was in Dec 2013) and so cool to see that we still have a fair amount of the regulars that were keen to come to another lan as well as a bunch of new people.

 Everything ran reasonably smoothly and without too many issues, only had one power outage right at the start and we figured out pretty quickly what caused that.

We had a good mix of games played this lan with a few new-to-cobralans ones. There was lots of gaming happening, from large crazy action maps in BF3, strategic & tactical Rainbow Six Siege, to some old school 3hr matches of Age Of Empires II and some crazy medieval combat in Chivalry.

The packaged games worked amazingly, with people able to relatively quickly get all games installed in one hit with no version mis-match, CD-Key or patch issues and not too many people running around in games as ‘Player’. James did an excellent job creating and managing the game installs and put a lot of time into perfecting the installer.

Overall a great weekend! Let us know your thoughts, for those that did attend, by filling in the short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LLZ7BRQ
This will allow us to make the next lans event better.

Checkout the event Photo Gallery on the website for some photos from the lan.

And be sure to like our Facebook Page to keep up to date with any news and future events.

Thanks for coming and hope to see you at the next one

– Richard


Name of Event: Cobralans #17
Date & Time: Midday Saturday 9th April till 10:00 am Sunday 10th April 2016
Venue: Lilydale Senior Citizens Centre 7 Hardy Street, Lilydale


No. First Name Last Name
1 Aaron Gardiner
2 Adam Ashtamkar
3 Adir Erulkar
4 Andrew McNab
5 Angela Haines
6 Chris Haspell
7 christian Lucas
9 Damien Wilton
10 Dylan Stone
11 Gerald Horkin
12 Harley Sheldrick
13 James Wright
14 Joel Walkerden
15 Leon AU
16 Mark Fulton
17 Matthew Oliver
18 Narika Handscomb
19 Richard Wilton
20 Robert Haines
21 Rupert Lang
22 San Lo
23 Shaun Wheater
24 Tomas Brown
25 Travis Handscomb
26 Trent Stanton


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