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Cobralans run computer lan parties in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, we play lots of the good older lan games as well as some of the newer lan capable ones over a 24hr period. The lans are mostly just for fun and pretty informal with a few organised comps/tournaments with prizes to be won.

We usually have some gadgets & merchandise from our sponsors for all the attendees as well as some hardware as prizes for the comps and RedBull drop in to hand out some energy to get us through the night.

Latest News:

  • Cobralans 18 – Wrap-up (9/21/2016) - Lots of fun on the weekend at cobralans 18! Our second LAN for 2016 was held at the Lilydale hall. 24 people came along to play a range of games, including: Chivalry, Call of Duty 1 & 4, Battlefield 3 and BC2 Vietnam, Flatout 2, Left 4 Dead 2, GTAIV and of course Rainbow Six Siege. The main tournament was...
  • Cobralans 18 September 2016 (8/7/2016) - Cobralans┬ánext lan party scheduled for 17th – 18th of Septemeber 2016 back at the Lilydale Senior Citizens Hall on Hardy Street. Registrations are now open for the event, there are 40 spots available. Lots of the same great games as last time: Rainbow Siz Siege, Battlefield 3, Chivalry…There will be a few comps and organised games.
  • Cobralans 17 – Wrap-up (4/15/2016) - Thanks for coming to the lan party! I hope you had as good a time as I did! It was great to get the lans back up and running after such a long break (the last one was in Dec 2013) and so cool to see that we still have a fair amount of the regulars that were keen to...


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